• For customers who placed orders online and chose to pick up in store:
    • You may cancel orders you placed on SalePointer prior to the delivery of the ordered products before going in store for pick up. Please go to the "my order" page and click on the "cancel" icon. If you decide to repurchase the orders you canceled previously, please go to the "my previous orders" page to select products you want to repurchase or replace your full orders to initiate an order request.
  • For customers who placed orders on SalePointer and chose home delivery:
    • If you decide to cancel your online order, please go to the "my order" page to check your order status. If the order status is "order is in process", then you are not able to cancel the order at this point of time. You may be able to cancel your orders when the order status is "order hasn't been processed".

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