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Enves Hypochlorous Acid Fog Atomizer L3R 3J7

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HOCl Hypochlorous Acid Kills 99.9999% of Germs
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Hypochlorous acid has a number of uses, most of which take advantage of its strong oxidizing properties which allow it to be used as a bleach and disinfectant among many other things, unlike covalently bonded acods, HOCI is an ionically bonded aqueous solution and does not “burn” skin, eye or mucosal membranes.
Hypochlorous acid is the most effective of all the chlorine forms, yet is similar in structure to water. The germicidal efficiency of HOCl is due to the relative ease with which it can penetrate cell walls(lyses). This penetration is comparable to that of water and can be attributed to both its modest size and to its electrical neutrality. Anolyte, produced by ECA processes, processes a physical character that transcends its analytical chemistry.
Tiny gas bubbles have extremely strong ionic activity along their boundaries. Most effective biofilm control, destroying mold, fungi and all micro-organisms including virus. Destroy proteins with time and concentration by disassociating EPS. 

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