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HFT Floral Herbal Tea Drink (500ml X 24) - Product Photo
HFT Floral Herbal Tea Drink (500ml X 24) - Photo 1

HFT Floral Herbal Tea Drink (500ml X 24) L3R 3J7

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Product Information
Ingredients: Purified Water, Brown Sugar, Chrysanthemum, Bombax Ceiba, Flower of Lobed Kludzuvine, Scholartree Flower, Honeysuckle Flower
Benefits: Great for clearing heat and toxin, expelling summer heat and dampness, and draining Stomach Fire. It promotes urination and helps to prevent seasonal cold and influenza. This is a blend of five flowers with similar natures and flavours and is a significant aid in clearing heat, capable of resolving dampness and expelling toxins.
Bottle 24
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