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For classes detailed info, please refer to schedule. The IB and AP exams are coming in May, and ICACL is launching rocket classes for math, physics and English. All courses are taught by ICALC‘s first-rate teachers with many years of teaching experience. 5月份的IB 和AP 考试将至,ICACL 特推出考前数学,物理和英语冲刺班。所有课程均由ICALC强力一流并有多年教学经验的老师讲授。 Math Teacher:Mark Li, Bachelor and Master, School of Mathematics, Peking University; Ph.D. in Math, U of Toronto. He has won many provincial and national mathematics competition awards and won the silver medal of Chinese Mathematical Olympiad. Mark has 20 years of rich experience in mathematics teaching and tutoring for all levels, and was invited to teach math at Tsinghua University twice. 数学老师:Mark Li, 保送北大本科和研究生,多伦多大学数学博士。曾荣获中国数学奥林匹克银牌, 有20年丰富的数学教学和辅导经验,并受邀于清华大学讲授数学课程。 Physics Teacher:PHILIP GEEVARGHESE, Master of Physics, York University, licensed teacher in Ontario. With 35 years of rich teaching experience, he has the unparalleled ability to explain complicated physics and math concepts in an easily understandable manner. 物理老师:PHILIP GEEVARGHESE, 约克大学物理硕士,安省执牌教师。 具有35年丰富的教学经验,善于以易于理解的方式解释复杂的物理和数学概念。 English Teacher:Cindy Geevarghese, Master of Cultural Studies, Bachelor of English Language and Literature, Bachelor of Education in English and History, OISE, U of T, Licensed Teacher in Ontario, rich in multidisciplinary knowledge and skills. She has 15 years of rich teaching and tutoring experience. 英文老师:Cindy Geevarghese, 文化研究硕士,英文语言文学学士,多大英语和历史教育学本科,安省执牌教师,拥有丰富的多学科知识技能。拥有15年丰富的教学和辅导经验。

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