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竞赛班 (Grade 7&8) 9am-12pm 数学竞赛在申请大学及奖学⾦中举足轻重, 让孩子们来参加数学竞赛吧! 美国数学竞赛 AMC10/12及滑铁卢数学各年级数学竞赛将从2020年一 月份开始接踵而来,您的孩子准备好了吗? ICALC Learning Centre培养过竞赛满分学生,针对这些数学竞赛,本校圣诞节期间为学生们提供强化集训班,让您的孩子在短期内知识快长,成绩快速提高。 每班限报6名学生,报满即止* 学时:15小时/5天;学费: $600 *晨⻦价$550(在2019年11⽉22号前报名)* 所有课程由数学竞赛科班出身的老师讲授。 上课日期:2019年12月23日,24日,26日, 27日,28日 The mathematics competition plays an important role in applying for universities and scholarships. Come, participate in math competitions! The American Mathematical Competition AMC10/12 and the Waterloo mathematics mathematics competition will start in January 2020. Are you ready? The ICALC Learning Centre has trained students in competitions with exceptional results including full marks. For these math competitions, the school provides intensive training classes for students during the Christmas season, so that you can learn quickly and improve your skills in the short term. Each class is limited to 6 students. Class hours: 15 hours / 5 days; tuition fee: $600. *Early bird price $550 (register before November 22, 2019). * All courses are taught by teachers with strong math competition background. Class date: 2019 December 23, 24, 26, 27, 28.

Effective from 2019-11-10 to 2019-12-23 | Expired



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